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This paper is intended to answer whether or not Ponds advertisement as a form of communication which full of meaning, and describe the form and function of meaning in advertising Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam and Ponds Body Lotion on television, as well as describes how Islamic Women defines a concept of "beautiful". The data in this study is taken from the speech models and narrator advertisement within the advertising of  Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam and Ponds Body Lotion on television. How the data processing are: (1); researchers watched the advertising several times, (2) researcher captured images and transcribed speech to the records, (3), researcher noted the things that support the analysis of data (images, movement, situation), (4) researchers classified types of data, (5) analyzed the data based on the theoretical framework. Ponds Advertisement is a form of communication which full of meaning. The form and function of meaning in advertising Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam and Ponds Body Lotion on television portrayed through ideas, language advertisements, and purpose. "Beautiful" in this advertisement are women who have white skin and use all kinds of products Ponds either face moisturizer, face cleanser, moisturizer and a flattened body to toe white. Manufacturers build an image to form a consumer (especially women) living in the physical standards. Television through Ponds advertisement treats as a commodity, and serves as a commercial institution that supports the main idea of capitalism (selling all kinds of products Ponds) to conceptualize the production and reproduction. That is, Ponds do not provide information to consumers in order to make the best choice, but promote their own products in a "beautiful", with the memorable slogan viewers that the first step to whiter skin, the product; Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam. Ponds advertising functions that contribute to the community to spread the idea that women were black or dark brown really need Ponds products to be "beautiful", and in this case, television plays a major role in distorting the facts in order to make consumers interested in advertising Ponds.


Key Words: Islamic Women, "Beautiful"; Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam; Ponds Body Lotion; Skin Whitening; Advertisement; Ideational Meaning, Interpersonal Meaning and Textual Meaning


  • Preliminary

In an effort to care for beauty, women are usually "loyal" to a product. Beauty products include facial and body treatments, whether it is soap, shampoo, lipstick, mask, and a facial moisturizer. Consideration and determination by consuming beauty products, which could not be separated from the part on television advertisement. Manufacturers introduced products through creative advertising itself. He was on television has the "power" to communicate its products. The shape is varied and very interesting, too stunning visual creativity and effective. In a duration of 30 seconds and a minute producers as sellers can influence viewers with an advertisement impressions and language, which are beautiful.

The skin whitening advertisements bombard us with images of white, and the results are remarkable every day. Trend white image through advertisement is able to associate thoughts into a form that is more varied with the level of visual interest to the game, especially when it taken in by the advertising of face bleach products. Now, almost all white image market, with an intelligent and creative visualization. In the context of skin whitening, it could mean that consumers are given information that white is beautiful, so continuously  that reality is not really necessary anymore (Reuters, February 2001), meaning that manufacturers with very clever constructs incorporate  white  into the minds of television viewers. Actually, cosmetics advertisement is regulated in Decree No. Permenkes. 386/1994 prohibiting the depiction as if it may affect the physiological and or metabolism, also are prohibited from using words treat, cure or other words that convey the same as if to treat a disease. The problem in advertising skin whitening, although the language is not against the rules, perceptions generated, making as if the product has a therapeutic effect, in this case the therapy to be white (Kompas, May 2001)

In Indonesia, trend of whitening facial adevrtisemnt, which is called Ponds got quite a bit of attention, as evidenced by the award given by Citra Pariwara as Brand Award for 3 consecutive years. Creativity advertisers see from the images, sounds, situations, and language that created the advertisement. Here, the manufacturer was able to see the target Ponds advertisement, the woman is beautiful, which was perceived that the beautiful means having white skin, and is capable of making beautiful face bleach Ponds. In general, advertising is a promotional tool for the sale of goods and services through mass media (Purwantari 1998: 39). In the era of the 1990s, when the development of the advertising is increasingly becoming private television sprung, so it becomes fine cuisine for advertisers. Here, advertising affects people in two ways. First, as an instrument of marketing communication, advertising works to sell products, services and ideas through persuasion. Second, as a form of social communication, advertisement offering a message to the community, helping us to shape and understand our social world (Krugman ed 1994: 37-38). Furthermore, advertising is not only has an economic power, but also has the power and a cultural significance. It is clearly that there is no doubt that television as a medium for advertisers is the fastest medium in conveying advertising messages communicatively. However, if the Ponds advertisement aims to help consumers in selecting products or just made solely in the interest of producers is a separate issue, which deals with the meaning of advertising Ponds. Based on the explanation above, the problems in this study are (1) Is it true that Ponds advertisement is a form of communication which full of meaning?; (2) What is the form and function of the meanings is realized in society?; and (3) How Islamic Women defines beautiful in Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam advertisement and Ponds Body Lotion on television?. To answer these problems, the purpose of this study is described as follows: (1) This paper is intended to answer whether or not Ponds advertisement as a form of communication which full of meaning; (2) Describe the form and function of meaning in Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam and Ponds Body Lotion advertisement on television, and (3) describe Islamic Women defines beautiful in Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam and Ponds Body Lotion advertisement on television. The data in this study is taken from the speech models and narrator ad within the ad Ponds White Beauty Facial Foam and Ponds  Body Lotion on television. How the data processing are: (1); researcher watched the advertisement over and over again, (2); researcher captured images and transcribed speech into the record, (3); researcher noted the things that support the analysis of data (images, motion situation) (4); researcher classified types of data (5), analyzed data based on the theoretical framework.


2.Theoritical Framework
2.1.Communication and Discourse Analysis
Early models of communication comes from the perspective of the communication process as a form of communication model of Shannon and Weaver.

Figure 1. Shannon and Weavers General Communication Model (Renkema 2004: 40)


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