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The 1st PISIEB 2019 in Palembang - South Sumatera

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Palembang - International Seminar with the theme "Islamic Economics For High Civilization" held by FEBI UIN Raden Fatah Palembang and AFEBIS in Swarna Dwipa Hotel on Tuesday (2/4/2019)


HUMAS-UINRF,-- The 1st Palembang International Seminar on Islamic Economics and Business (PISIEB) 2019 with theme “Islamic Economics For High Civilization” that held by the Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business (FEBI) Islamic State University (UIN) Raden Fatah PalembangTogether with the Indonesian Association of Islamic Economics and Islamic Business (AFEBIS) located in the ballroom atSwarnaDwipa on Tuesday (02/04/2019) as a gathering event and to publish and  also to provide an understanding of the development of Islamic economics in the erupted era 4.

"As a country with a majority Muslim population, we need new ideas, systems and models to develop our Islamic economy" said Prof. Drs. H. M.Sirozi, M.A., Ph.D, as the rector of UIN Raden Fatah Palembang in his remarks. He also hopes that we can develop a greater and more complex Islamic economy not only for the tittle of a Muslim country, but for the public welfare.







This seminar was inaugurated directly by representatives of the Governor of South Sumatra (SumSel), Prof. Dr. EdwarJuliartha, and continued the inauguration of the opening of Mini Bank and Baitul Mal Tamwil (BMT) in FEBI UIN Raden Fatah.

Futhermore, the speakers in this seminar were professors from 4 countries, namely Prof. Dr. Hasanuddeen B. Abdul Aziz from Malaysia, Assoc. Prof. Dr. SaimKayadibi, Ph.D from Belgium, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adnan Muhammad Yusuf Robabah from Jordan and HazratSyaikhShamikh Shaw Sahadat from the USA. They mentioned the importance of the Qur'an and the Sunnah as the basic foundation of Islamic economics to improve the system, especially in government and the economy,they also reminded the importance of Zakat, infaq, halal products and we should pay attention and maintain the natural environment, because we are not only oriented in the world, but to hereafter too.

"We can know and understand about the development of Islamic economics in the world nowadays, which is very important in enriching material in lectures and for improving the Islamic economy in Indonesia" said M. IrwanFadliIrwanNasution as a delegate from FEBI UIN North Sumatra. In addition, PenyCahayaAzwari as one of the lecturers of FEBI UIN Raden Fatah hoped that the results of research on Islamic economics could be applied so that it could provide benefits.

And then last, the students who were participants and organizers of this event claimed that they were very lucky and happy to be in this seminar, because they gained new experience and knowledge of Islamic economics and theyhopefully FEBI can organize a larger seminar and involve more students as association agents to the community. (RA/PM/RS/ARI)



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